Old Photographs

Right after eye surgery
(It was successful and I can see clearly again)


L to R: Dylan Williams, Jesse Reklaw, Julia Gfrörer, Sean Christensen, Mike Getsiv, Emily Nilsson
w/ Tim Goodyear and John Isaacson behind (Photo by Greg Means)

Flash in the snow
Mike Getsiv
This photo was taken with my new camera and it just turned out this way 

Brooklyn worked with me on some of my comics

Having a good time living in Portland 
Mike Getsiv

The spot where I first sang and played guitar in NYC,
revisited during the weekend of the first MoCCA Art Festival.

(This photo was taken when I couldn't sleep in the middle of the night and decided to go on a nostalgia tour.)
Mike Getsiv

Got really drunk and woke up looking like this
Mike Getsiv

In Tokyo

Tokyo Street (This photo was published in the book Photoshop Collage Techniques)

Eating in a Tokyo Restaurant
Mike Getsiv

Back in New York City,
when all I had in my room was a guitar and an amp.
Mike Getsiv
On the Brooklyn Bridge
Mike Getsiv

Standing on the Berlin Wall
Mike Getsiv

In Red Square wearing cool shades
Mike Getsiv

Playing my guitar in the U.S.S.R.
Mike Getsiv

My brother and me at Marvel Comics in New York City

Grade school pictures
Mike Getsiv

Yes, I was a very talented baby!
Mike Getsiv

My dad coming to America

My grandfather home from fighting
in World War I to visit his wife and meet his son
His son grown up before
going off to fight in World War II

My grandmother

My mom taking care of her little brother

The town my mom grew up in
Bellis, Alberta. Population: 150

My great-grandfather pitching hay on his farm

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