The Green Kid TM
by Michael Getsiv


Here are some early art samples from
my full-length comic book in the works:


Excerpt from
'The Green Kid Meets The Mermaid'
(with the text removed):


Excerpt from
'The Green Kid Saves The Game'
(with the text removed):


Here are the Shiot CRock reviews
posted on The Comics Journal messageboard
of a 'rough draft' 6-page episode of The Green Kid:
"It would be difficult to pick favorites, but some of the ones I keep coming back to are "The Green Kid - Sawmill Bar" by Getsiv (Not sure why it's labeled as a rough draft.)..." - Shane Patrick Boyle

"Nice story. It'll be interesting to see how it changes as you keep working on this rough draft." - Peter S. Conrad

"You’ve captured the feeling of being a wide-eyed kid perfectly, especially gazing out the window on long car-trips letting your mind wander." - Owen Harris

"This was extremely well written and disturbing. The sketchy quality makes it even more disturbing. Good job." - Ray Tan

"I can think of a place where this could go if you want to place it somewhere. I would like to see the finished product when it's, er, finished." - M. Campos

"TOP 5 PICK. See that!!! That's what makes slice of life comics work. Something out of the ordinary, something interesting! Something that makes you pause and think about what it's like to share this planet with gazillions of other people. Thanks Mike!" - Lou Copeland

"reminds me of Carol Swain, that's a compliment." - Kurt Beaulieu

"I like this. It says "rough draft." I'd like to see the final draft someday." - Ayo

"I really think that the link from the bar-dwellers’ lack of limbs to the childlike “I didn’t want them to chop my hands off so I sat on them” was very subtly done. Good story, I look forward to the finished version." - David Robertson

"I'm happy you still have your fingers and hands, too. Nice comic. Great pacing. Feels like we're waiting with the kid." - Joe Kletz

"Sure, I would've prefered the finished version, but this works just fine. We need more tales of our childhood infatuations with comics, the wonder and awe and all that stuff, and this is a good one. The story of dad taking his kid to the bar without mom knowing is by now a genre unto itself and a personel fave of moi. And though I've always felt that Getsiv was a little too 'cute,' too 'childlike,' too frigging PRESCIOUS,' here, considering the content, it works perfectly. Dad would be proud." - Klopner

"The scariness and dangerousness of real life, as glimpsed by a kid: hands and fingers chopped off, orange pop that smells like beer. If this is a rough draft, then normally your art is more polished than this?" - Richard de Wylfin

"Oh my goodness! I just checked out your website and its new and improved! The green kid is there! How wild to see a little face looking back at me! :) I've read the reviews, lets see the kid! WE WANT THE KID! WE WANT THE KID! The peeps have spoken!!" - that weird girl


The Green Kid is trademark and copyright
1994-2013 by Michael Getsiv